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Argyle Welcome Dance

Devisor/Emcee Maria Ward

Download Welcome Dance cheat sheet (PDF)

Videos and Diagrams

Miss Allie Anderson32J3RSCDS Leaflet
The Gentleman32S3RSCDS Book 35
Round Reel of Eight88R4 sq.RSCDS Book 27
The Wild Geese32J3RSCDS Book 24
Sugar Candie32S3RSCDS Book 26
The Accordion Player32R3Stephens, Between the Rivers
~~~ Interval ~~~
Collie Law32J2Goldring, G&S
Three Quarters = Seventy-Five Sense32S3Barnes, Between the Rivers
Catch the Wind32H3RSCDS Book 45
Cutty Sark32J3RSCDS Book 40
The Braes of Breadalbane32S3RSCDS Book 21
The Montgomeries' Rant32R3RSCDS Book 10

Argyle Ball

Devisor/Emcee Eva Lanyi

Download Argyle Ball cheat sheet (PDF)

Videos and Diagrams

The Legacy32J3Pinewoods 2
Miss Gibson's Strathspey32S3RSCDS Leaflet
Mary Erskine32H3RSCDS 2nd Graded Book
The Haar on Skye32S3 setRSCDS 3rd Graded Book
The Compleat Gardener32J3RSCDS 3rd Graded Book
Arthur's Seat32R318th Century
Sands of Morar32S3RSCDS Book 45
The Falls of Rogie32R3Attwood, Alexander
~~~ Interval ~~~
The Greenbelt Jig32J3Brunken, Moments in Time
The Kissing Bridge32R3RSCDS Book 47
Argyll Strathspey32S3RSCDS Book 35
The Bawk32J3RSCDS Book 30
Scott Meikle32R4 setRSCDS Book 46
Midsummer Common32S3RSCDS Book 49
Joie de Vivre32J3RSCDS Book 39
The Reel of the 51st Division32R3RSCDS Book 13