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    Welcome Dance

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Videos and Diagrams

Slow Simmer8x32J3StrathsBabes
Lord Elgin's Reel8x32S3RSCDS Book 26
Starlight8x32R3RSCDS Book 44
Lamb Skinnet8x32J3RSCDS Book 14
Alltshellach8x32S2RSCDS Book 23
Sleepy Maggie8x32R3RSCDS Book 11
~~~ Interval ~~~
Mrs. Stewart's Jig8x32J3RSCDS Book 35
Gang the Same Gate8x32S3RSCDS Book 36
The Rambling Pitchfork8x32R3All Kinds of Everything
The Compleat Gardener8x32J3RSCDS 3rd Graded Book
Miss Gibson's Strathspey8x32S3RSCDS Leaflet
The Montgomeries' Rant8x32R3RSCDS Book 10

Argyle Ball

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Videos and Diagrams

EH3 7AF8x32J3RSCDS Book 40
The Shores of Solway8x32S310 Social Dances, Goldring
Dumbarton Drums8x32R3Book 5
Argyll Is My Name8x32J3Drewry, London 75th
The Silver Tassie8x32S3RSCDS Leaflet
Ardmore Junction8x32R3Blim, Reeladelphia
Fair Donald8x32S3RSCDS Book 29
The Duke and Duchess8x40R3RSCDS Book 39
    of Edinburgh
~~~ Interval ~~~
Kendall's Hornpipe8x32J2RSCDS Graded Book 1
The Mason's Apron8x32R3Border Book
Midsummer Common8x32S3RSCDS Book 49
Fair Jenny's Jig8x32J3Wallace, Redwood
West's Hornpipe4x32R4RSCDS 5 for 1965
Adieu Mon Ami8x32S3RSCDS Book 24
Follow Me Home8x32J3RSCDS Book 38
The Reel of the Royal Scots8x32R3RSCDS Leaflet