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Elke Baker

Elke Baker is a veteran dance musician and concert performer. Since her first Scottish dance class in college, she has made Scottish dance music a central focus of her playing, and is a regular at Scottish dance weekends, camps, and balls across North America and indeed around the world. She's a former U.S. National Scottish fiddle Champion, Washington Conservatory of Music faculty member, Artist-in-Residence at Montgomery College, and Arts panelist at Harvard University, and has performed at venerable venues such as the Kennedy Center, Hylton Performing Arts Center, and the Birchmere. She teaches the joys of Scottish music to countless students, most especially through the Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club, which she has taught for 23 years, and at the Ohio Scottish Arts School at Oberlin. She has recorded several SCD albums and a good number of listening albums. Playing Scottish music for dancers is one of her very favorite things, although dancing runs a close second.

Elke Baker

Liz Donaldson plays piano and accordion. She is known for her innovative back-up style incorporating exciting rhythms, textures, and harmony lines in her music. In addition to playing for Scottish, English and American contra dances, Liz teaches all these styles, and dances, too! She is a member of Terpsichore, Waverley Station, and The New Hip Trio. Her recordings include: Caledonian Muse, Terpsichore, Scottish Dance Music, Waverley Station: First Stop! Memories of Scottish Weekend ('98) and More Memories of Scottish Weekend ('02), as well as English Echoes: English Country Dance Favorites. Liz has two books of Scottish tune medleys and collections of her own compositions: Rain in the Desert and Moon over Inverness. Liz has taught and played at numerous dance weekends and music workshops including Scottish Weekend, Pinewoods, and Asilomar. Her travels have taken her to Great Britain, Canada, France and Japan.

For more information see Liz's website at Photo by Ken Graham.


Before moving to the Boston area, Scott Weaver worked as a free-lance musician, performing many styles of music ranging from jazz and chamber music to opera. He now owns a custom woodworking business and explores art and music as an avocation. Introduced to the Scottish tradition by Barbara McOwen, he has performed with several groups around Boston.


Becky Ross, fiddle, was classically trained on violin during her schooldays but was drawn to begin playing again in 1991 after discovering Celtic fiddle music. She plays regularly for Scottish and English Country Dances. Becky is known for her rich tone and sensitive emotional connection to the music, whether that is a sorrowful Scottish lament, a majestic march or a driving reel. Becky performs with several groups including Peat & Barley, The Homespun Ceilidh Band, the English and Scottish dance band Elegant Echoes, and the 18th-Century music trio Tasker's Chance. She is a founding Board Member and current President of the Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club, a non-profit group promoting Scottish fiddle music. To learn more about Becky, visit her website at


Piper Samuel Potter will play for the Grand March. Describing himself as "long obsessed with pipes," Samuel is currently a solo musician, though one day he hopes to join a pipe band again. He also competes and performs for weddings, funerals, and community events.