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Argyle Welcome Dance

Devisor/Emcee Eva Lanyi

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Videos and Diagrams

Sheena's Saunter5x32R1 RRRSCDS Pocket Guide
The Lady Wynd8x32J3Goldring - Graded & Social 2
The Falkirk Lass8x32S3RSCDS Book 53
Flowers of Edinburgh8x32R3RSCDS Book 1
Granville Market8x32J3Vandegrift - RSCDS Graded 2
Seann Triubhas Willichan8x32S2Wilson - RSCDS Book 27
The Mason's Apron8x32R3Border Book
~~~ Interval ~~~
Pint o' Ale is Fain8x32J3McMurtry- Devil's Quandary
Scott Meikle4x32R4 setMcLean - RSCDS Book 46
Adieu Mon Ami8x32S3RSCDS Book 24
Fair Jenny's Jig8x32J3Wallace - Redwood Forest
Strathcare8x32S3Miller - Ladies of Dunse
The Reel of the 51st Division8x32R3Atkinson - RSCDS Book 13

Argyle Ball

Devisor/Emcee Maria Ward

Download Argyle Ball cheat sheet (PDF)
Videos and Diagrams

Bev's Delight8x32J2McMurtry - Devil's Quandary
Maxwell's Rant8x32R3Rutherford - RSCDS Book 18
The Braes of Tulliemet8x32S3RSCDS Book 7
The College Hornpipe8x32R3Boag (18C) - RSCDS Book 20
Ellie's Jig8x32J3M. Briscoe - Slip Knot Collection
Abbie's Twizzle8x32R3Brown
Peggy's Love8x32S3RSCDS Book 8
Ferla Mor8x32R3Drewry- Deeside 1
~~~ Interval ~~~
The Argyle Chase (PDF)8x32J3M. Bright
Argyll Strathspey8x32S3Goldring - RSCDS Book 35
Catch the Wind8x32H3Butterfield - RSCDS Book 45
The Haar on Skye8x32S3Watson - RSCDS Graded 3
The Duke of Atholl's Reel8x32J2Skillern - RSCDS Book 16
Miss Gibson's Strathspey8x32S3Haynes - RSCDS Leaflets
The Highlandman Kissed his Mother8x32R3RSCDS MMM